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Why Coffee Machines Are Great for the Workplace

If you’ve ever thought, "Should my office have a coffee machine?", the answer is a resounding yes. A coffee machine in your office can improve morale and make your workplace more enjoyable.  Here are some reasons why having an office coffee machine is a good idea. 1. Coffee Helps Boost Productivity Studies have shown that […]

How To Make Better Office Coffee

There is no doubt that coffee helps many offices function at peak capacity. Plenty of office workers will tell you outright that they are virtually addicted to coffee and require it as part of their morning ritual. They may say so with a slight laugh in their voice, but there is more truth to this […]

Does Coffee Increase Your Productivity?

Coffee is a massive part of many people’s lives. According to the National Coffee Association, more than 60 percent of Americans drink coffee. People in other countries drink even more coffee than that. Interestingly, coffee plays a significant role in workers’ lives. In fact, 43 percent of them drink it. It makes you wonder whether […]