The History of the French Press

Many coffee drinkers probably know there’s more than one way to brew a cup of Joe. While a drip coffee maker is most commonly found in offices and kitchens across the country, another popular way to brew your coffee is with a French press. But what’s the history of the French press, and why should […]

How Much Caffeine Is in Your Coffee? A Closer Look at the Myth of Caffeine Content

There are many myths when it comes to the caffeine content in coffee and espresso. Most people assume espresso contains much more caffeine than coffee, although this isn’t always the case. Several factors come into play when it comes to determining the amount of caffeine in coffee and espresso. Roast type, grind size and brew […]

The Differences Between Light, Medium and Dark Roasted Coffee

Coffee always comes available in light, medium or dark roast, each offering its own special flavor. There are many differences when it comes to these three types of coffee roasts, and you’ll want to be sure you’re getting what’s best for your employees when you have an office coffee maker in Gray County, TX. To […]