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The History of Coffee

Coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world behind oil. It’s discovery and spread throughout Africa, the Middle East and eventually the entire world has changed mornings for billions of people. They look forward to rising, drinking their coffee and giving their day a jumpstart. For how popular and ubiquitous it is, you […]

The Health Benefits of Daily Coffee Consumption

It’s often been said that America and the world’s people run on coffee. For people who work full time, coffee can be a convenient way to stave off fatigue and provide them with the necessary vitality to get through the workday. But you may be wondering, “Does coffee have benefits besides energy?” The answer is […]

Why Should You Drink Black Coffee?

Approximately 64 percent of Americans drink coffee daily. However, only 35 percent drink it black—coffee without any milk, cream or dairy substitutes. We love all types of coffee at Armstrong Coffee Service, but this post is going to cover the benefits of black coffee and how you can enjoy it: Boosts energy: All coffee puts […]