The Different Coffee Drinks Explained

2The Different Coffee Drinks Explained

Coffee is a beloved beverage for millions of people all over the world. Its versatility has led to many unique coffee drinks being created throughout history!


Espresso (pronounced es-Press-so) is a coffee drink that consists of finely ground coffee and pressurized hot water. This method allows the coffee to be extracted much more quickly than regular coffee and results in a thicker, richer drink. The coffee beans used for espresso are roasted to a dark roast, which gives it a more toasted and deeper flavor. It also has a lower acidity level than other types of coffee. The caffeine in an espresso boosts brain activity and stimulates mood. This can help people who suffer from depression and make it easier to concentrate on their tasks.


A latte is a popular coffee drink that is made with a combination of espresso, steamed milk and a layer of foam. It is usually prepared with a ratio of one part espresso to two parts steamed milk, though this can be altered depending on your preference. A latte can be served hot or cold, and it is often modified with different syrups and other additions. It’s a common favorite at Starbucks and other coffee shops, and millions of people drink lattes every day! If you’re looking to make a latte at home, it’s important to know how to properly froth the milk. You can froth the milk with a latte machine or by heating it on the stove and then allowing it to froth.


Traditionally, cappuccinos consist of one or two shots of espresso topped with steamed milk and a thick layer of foam. Skilled baristas can create this drink with a wide variety of flavors and additives, including simple syrups, powders, and milk substitutes. Cappuccinos are made with milk that has been steamed to introduce tiny air bubbles into the liquid, resulting in what’s known as “micro foam.” This gives the drink its smooth texture and sweetness. Cappuccinos come in different forms, from wet cappuccinos (known as cappuccini chiaro or white cappuccinos) to dry cappuccinos (cappuccini scurro or dark cappuccinos). Both drinks use a standard ratio of espresso and steamed milk.


Frappe is a popular drink that’s typically served as a thick, cold blended drink that consists of brewed coffee, milk, and ice. It’s also served with other custom additives like sugar, flavored syrups, and whipped cream. It’s often topped with a straw for easier drinking! Frappes are a staple in coffee shops all over the world, and you’ll often see them on menus at restaurants. They’re also one of the most popular drinks in fast food chains, such as McDonald’s.


The macchiato is a drink that falls in the sweet spot between an espresso and a cappuccino. It has a strong espresso base with a small amount of steamed milk foam added to the mix. It’s a popular choice for coffee lovers who find an espresso too harsh but a cappuccino too weak. A macchiato allows the espresso flavor to be more prominent without compromising on its sharpness. A macchiato is typically served in a tall glass and consists of thick steamed milk, an espresso shot and a dollop of frothed milk. This layering creates a distinct stain and helps differentiate it from other drinks like a latte or cappuccino. The coffee itself is most likely to be a blend of high quality espresso beans. However, it can still taste a little bitter for some people.

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