How Often To Clean & Maintain Your Cappuccino Machine

Your coffee maker is a great part of your home; it is something that many people use every day. When your coffee maker gets dirty or starts to need care, it can be difficult to enjoy your coffee maker. Your cappuccino machine does need maintenance from time to time, and knowing when it might need care is a must.

How Often Should You Be Doing Cappuccino Machine Maintenance?

A cappuccino machine is a bit different from a simple coffee maker that you brew a cup of coffee in every now and again. If you are using a cappuccino machine instead of a normal coffee maker, it is suggested that you take the time to do something called backflushing your machine every time you use it. So, what is backflushing, and how do you do it?

A backflush is something that should be done on a commercial machine every day and that you should do on your own personal machine every day, if possible, several times a week if you cannot do it every day. A backflush is when you flush cleaner and other cleaning chemicals through the machine to clean out any residue that might be lingering in the machine.

This helps to keep the machine from growing bacteria, from getting strange tastes and flavors, and to ensure that your machine is going to work the way it needs to. You should also be taking the time to do a more thorough clean after you used your machine for longer. For every 200 shots of coffee, you should do a deep clean of your machine.

What Happens When You Do Not Clean your Cappuccino Machine?

There are a few things that happen when your machine is not cleaned. You need to make sure you are cleaning your machine to prevent bacteria growth, prevent things like mold growth, and ensure that the coffee you are brewing is fresh and tastes great each time that you brew it.

If you are not cleaning your machine properly it can also cause parts to stick, it can cause parts to rust and become damaged, and it can make it nearly impossible to keep using your coffee maker. It is important to ensure that you not only clean your coffee maker but also that you replace parts as needed and keep your machine in perfect working order.  

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