10 Ideas To Upgrade Your Coffee

Since coffee is so simple and integral to most of our morning routines, it’s easy to think that coffee has to be boring or basic. While it can be comforting to have the same hot beverage every morning, we all get the urge to switch it up every once in a while, right?

If you’re wondering, “where can I find ideas to change up my coffee?”, look no further. We have some great coffee upgrade ideas listed below that will make your morning brew that much more delightful. 

Opt for specialty coffee brews

Specialty coffees hold the title as the highest coffee grade on the market. With high standards in the beans used, the methods of roasting, and the overall taste, specialty coffee can make you feel special every morning. 

Shake a hint of cinnamon into your coffee

As they say, variety is the spice of life. As it turns out, cinnamon can be a sweet spice to coffee. A little bit of cinnamon gives a fall or wintery feel to a cup of coffee without much effort.

Blend some protein powder into your coffee

For gym enthusiasts, coffee and protein powder can be a match made in heaven before or after a tough morning workout.

A dash of salt can mask the bitter black coffee flavor

If you don’t want your coffee sweet but also can’t stomach the bitterness, try adding a small pinch of salt to your coffee. It might sound weird, but it’ll offset the bitter flavor that comes with black coffee.

Sample new milks or creamers

Something as simple as changing your milk or creamer to a new flavor or style can elevate your coffee. Whether you go for a fancy caramel creamer or give plant-based milk a try, it can change up your coffee game easily.

Freeze coffee into ice cubes

If you’re sick of watered-down iced coffee, try infusing some strength into the ice cubes with coffee. Simply pour cooled coffee into ice cube trays and freeze solid for a fun iced coffee addition.

Froth your drink at home

With a simple new kitchen gadget called a “drink frother,” you’ll be able to have that coffee shop-style foam on any cup of coffee. Frothers tend to be simply designed and effective. Even a total newbie can usually use them without a hitch, so give one a spin!

Add chocolate syrup for a treat

For a simple but effective solution for a sweet tooth, drizzle chocolate syrup on your coffee. Be careful not to add too much syrup, though, since it may turn it too sweet.

Store your coffee properly

Sometimes, improving your coffee starts with how you stow it away. Airtight containers and consistent temperatures around 68 degrees are best.

Use flavored syrups

Beyond chocolate syrup, you can make your coffee even more delicious by getting flavored syrups. These syrups can come in sugar-free or alternative sweetener varieties, so they can sweeten your coffee without adding calories.


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