Which Coffee Machine Is Best for the Office?

You’ve made the right choice if you’re opting to invest in a coffee supplier to make coffee available to your employees daily. Now you need to know which coffee machines are the best ones to take to the office. These are some of the most beneficial coffee machines and why they would be perfect for your establishment:

Philips Series 3000 HD8829/01

Your budget is one of the most important factors to consider before you choose a coffee machine for your workplace. Fortunately, this Philips Series 3000 model fits into a tight budget quite well. The unit features a built-in grinder and delivers excellent coffee, espresso, and cappuccinos to your employees. It’s not the most sophisticated machine, but it will work until you have more funds to put toward a more advanced machine. 

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Colors Automatic by DeLonghi

This model is a fantastic choice if you have an eye for fashion or artistic nature. Its colorful design will make a great addition to the employee break room or customer lobby in an updated and innovative building. This minimalistic system uses pods and is a virtually hassle-free coffee maker. Hassle-free is always best when setting something up for your employees. 

X7.1 iperEspresso Machine

This espresso machine will catch your eye from the first moment because of its complex design. It looks like something out of the next century and is very visually pleasing. What you’ll really love about this model is its ability to make precise cups of coffee with alluring aromas and great taste.

The easy cleanability of the product is another positive feature of it. In other words, a bunch of complex cleaning issues won’t stump users. They can easily prepare their coffee, clean the unit, and continue their days as usual. 

Jura Giga X8c

This model is one of the most attractive and versatile options available on the market. First, it can transform coffee beans into numerous types of coffee for your employees to drink. Secondly, the coffee maker allows users to make coffee or pour hot water if they prefer to drink tea.

Another good characteristic of this coffee maker is that it has a direct line to the water. With a direct line, there’s less of a chance of having specific issues fall upon the unit and user. Furthermore, the coffee maker is large and will be more attractive to users who are used to seeing many larger-than-normal devices. 

Miele CM7550

This coffee maker is listed as the best all-around coffee maker, meaning that its features are plentiful. It has features that include a bean grinder, an external milk jug, and options to create decaffeinated drinks. 

Choose from the many great office coffee options that will best suit your workplace. Some people focus on affordability, while others look at alternative drink options and the variety of coffee products they can use in the device.

Do what you feel is best for your workers, and don’t forget to compare at least three products before making a final decision. 

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