How To Drink Coffee Without Staining Your Teeth

A morning cup of coffee is a great way to start the day. Coffee can help to perk you up while delivering a smooth and satisfying flavor. It is especially beneficial on cold winter mornings in snowy locales. Whether you drink office coffee or go to one of the many gourmet coffee shops located throughout the nation, coffee-stained teeth could become a serious concern.

Coffee can stain the enamel on your teeth. If you also are a smoker, the combination of drinking coffee and smoking tobacco products are certain to have a negative effect on your pearly white teeth.

Other teeth-staining drinks include soda, tea, and red wine. A variety of berries also could stain your teeth while you are enjoying your coffee with a fruit-based snack. Fortunately, some preventive steps and good oral hygiene can help to prevent staining your teeth while drinking coffee.

Common Ways To Prevent Staining of Your Teeth

If you use a coffee machine, you might notice that many provide lids and small straws that withstand heat. Those straws are great for passing coffee past your teeth and to your palate for more efficient drinking. The straws also help keep the coffee off your front incisors and most of the molars in the back.

You also should consider using coffee creamer, which often is available at office coffee machines, coffee shops, and possibly in your refrigerator. Creamer helps to neutralize the acids in coffee and lessen the potential for staining or damaging your teeth.

Combining the use of creamer and a straw for hot drinks could help to stave off the potential staining of your teeth for which coffee is noted.

Good Oral Hygiene Always Helps To Fight Staining

To prevent staining of your teeth, the best thing to do is brush them as soon as you are done drinking coffee. Even a quick brushing and rinsing can help to remove any traces of coffee and its ability to stain your teeth.

Using toothpaste containing whitener will help make the brushing more effective at preventing stained teeth. Rinsing with mouthwash can help to keep your teeth strong and flush out all traces of coffee.

You also should have your dentist clean your teeth twice a year and floss regularly. Good oral hygiene will help you to enjoy the many great benefits of coffee and other drinks or food that otherwise might stain your teeth.

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