How To Make Better Office Coffee

There is no doubt that coffee helps many offices function at peak capacity. Plenty of office workers will tell you outright that they are virtually addicted to coffee and require it as part of their morning ritual. They may say so with a slight laugh in their voice, but there is more truth to this idea than some of us like to admit. That said, we could all stand to learn some ways to make better office coffee. If everyone is going to be drinking it, then it might as well be good! 

Choose Local Brands

One of the ways to add a little extra flavor to the office coffee is to choose local brands for your coffee supply. These local brands are often more deeply focused on the quality of the coffee they produce than some of the larger producers. This means that you might be able to find some more flavorful coffee if you go with the local companies. Additionally, they are often more experimental than national brands. Thus, it might also be possible for you to find some flavors that you and your team have not had the chance to enjoy before. That can also be a fun way to get everyone engaged and interested in trying out the coffees you have discovered. 

Start a Coffee Club 

One of the tips for making better office coffee is to start a coffee club within the office that people can enjoy. You might ask yourself, why would people join a coffee club at the office, but this is actually a more common experience than you may realize. People join these clubs because it allows them to enjoy the coffee they intended to have in the first place while also contributing to the office culture as a whole. 

Get Rid of the K-Cups

When K-cups first came around, it seemed like everyone could not get enough of them. You could find them in offices all over the country. They seemed like the perfect solution to allow everyone to get exactly the kind of coffee that they wanted.

Unfortunately, these cups are very expensive, which doesn’t serve the coffee culture of the office very well. K-cups are also terrible for the environment. A single-serve cup like that simply does more damage to the earth than you even want to think about, which is why you should ditch K-cups as soon as possible. 

Look To Hip Coffee Start-Ups

Did you know that some up-and-coming office coffee services will happily provide your office with its coffee needs? Armstrong Coffee Service is one of them, and we believe that we do an excellent job of catering to our customer’s every need. That’s right; some companies will literally come in and check out what your office coffee needs are and then fulfill those needs for you. From sourcing to shipping you the coffee that you need right when you need it, these start-ups are great at doing what they do, and you should check them out whenever possible. 

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