Benefits of Drinking Black Coffee

Most people enjoy a cup of black coffee in the morning. As soon as they are out of bed, the first stop is the kitchen for a cup of freshly brewed coffee. If you are among these people, then coffee is like the fuel that charges your body to prepare you for the day. However, how much do you know about coffee? Do you know how coffee affects your mind and body? And is black coffee good for you? What about some nutritional facts about coffee? Here is an article that will help you learn more about coffee.

Health Benefits of Drinking Black Coffee

Some of the benefits of drinking black coffee include:

Improves Your memory

Coffee can help enhance your memory, especially as you age. As you age, your cognitive skills diminish, leading to memory-related conditions like dementia. Coffee can combat this by keeping the brain healthy.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

Studies show that drinking one or two cups of black coffee daily can reduce the risk of developing certain cardiovascular diseases like stroke.

Help Cleanse the Stomach

Black coffee is a diuretic drink, meaning the more you drink, the more you will urinate. And every time you urinate, bacteria and toxins get flushed out of your stomach.

Good for the Liver

Studies have shown that regular coffee intake can help prevent liver cancer, hepatitis, fatty liver diseases, and alcoholic cirrhosis.

Black Coffee Nutritional Facts

If you want a drink that is low in fats, calories, and carbohydrates, drink black coffee. One 8-ounce (240 ml) cup of black coffee contains

  • Protein – 0 grams
  • Carbohydrates – 0 grams
  • Cholesterol – 0 grams
  • Sugar – 0 grams
  • Sodium – 5 milligrams
  • Fat – 0 grams
  • Calories – 2

Black Coffee for Weight Loss

Can drinking black coffee help with weight loss? Most people may not know this, but black coffee can help you lose weight. As seen, coffee does not contain fats or cholesterol and has very few calories. That means you do not add weight by drinking it. It also has chlorogenic acid, which slows down glucose production. If you have black coffee after eating, your body will produce fewer fat cells.

How To Make Black Coffee

Everyone has their own way of preparing coffee, but there are some steps you can take for your coffee to taste good. The two ways to make coffee are by using a machine or grinding your coffee. To get that amazing taste, grind your coffee.

  • Grind about three tablespoons of coffee until it is fine.
  • Boil 600 grams of water.
  • Add the filter to the dripper, then fill it with the ground coffee and pour your hot water.

Still, most people prefer using the machine due to its convenience.

Side Effects of Black Coffee

Excessive coffee intake can have some effects like:

  • Stomach acidity
  • Excess coffee can make it hard for the body to absorb minerals like calcium, zinc, and iron.
  • Can interfere with your sleeping routine
  • Can lead to anxiety and stress

If you drink coffee in moderation, you can enjoy the benefit offered. For your coffee supplies, get in touch with Armstrong Coffee Service. Not only do we offer the best coffee equipment, but we also provide reliable coffee service. Call us today.


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