Which Single-Serve Brewer Is Right for You?

If you’re looking to boost morale in your staff break room or elevate your business’s complimentary offerings, consider investing in a single-serve coffee machine. While big, communal coffee pots were the gold standard in offices in the past, we now have better options.

Gone are the days of getting in early to brew the first pot of the day, filling your cup with burnt coffee that’s been left cooking on the warmer for hours or, worst of all, needing a quick cup of coffee before your next meeting only to find that someone took the last cup without brewing a fresh pot.

The growing popularity of single-serve brewers means that serving fresh, customized coffee in your office or business is easier than ever. With so many options available, you may be asking yourself, which single-serve brewer should I get?

Read on to learn how to decide which single-serve coffee maker is right for your team.

Types of single-serve brewers

No matter what attracts you to the single-serve brewer, you’re sure to find a model that meets all your needs. Here are some things to consider when trying to determine which single-serve coffee pot to buy:

  • Brewing options: Single-serve brewers are incredibly convenient and each offers options in terms of what they brew. Dark, medium and light roasts, flavored coffees, special seasonal varieties and even tea blends may be available depending on which brand you go with. Some single-serve brewers accept off-brand pods, while others only take their own. Consult with your coffee supplier to see which pods they sell so you know you’re investing in a model that will work for your organization.
  • Special features: In addition to brewing coffee and tea, some single-serve machines can also brew specialty drinks. If you’re looking to brew lattes and cappuccinos, the Senseo may be the machine for you. If espresso is what you’re after, Nespresso could be a better choice for you. Determine exactly what selection of beverages you want to offer, and then find a machine that can meet those needs.
  • Cost: Be prepared to pay more with single-serve brewers. Aside from the initial cost of whatever machine you decide on, you’ll have to buy individual pods for each cup of coffee brewed. Whether you’re buying pods, capsules or K-Cups, you’re looking at around $0.30 to $0.70 per cup, though you can usually save money by buying in bulk through your coffee supplier.
  • Performance: Power, speed and noise pollution all impact the performance of a machine. When considering making the switch to a single-brewer, make sure you have sufficient space and an outlet that can take a 1200- to 1500-watt machine without overloading your electrical system. If you have a quiet office or business, look for a machine that has a quiet feature. These machines usually have your cup brewed in a minute or less.

Once you’ve identified what features and brewing options you want your machine to provide, reach out to Armstrong Coffee Service to learn about the no-cost equipment we offer—just pay for the coffee, tea, cider, hot chocolate and supplies you need, and we’ll give you the machine at no extra cost. Contact our team today to design a customized service plan that’s perfect for your business.

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