The Health Benefits of Drinking Tea

Tea is a popular drink in many countries around the world, and many people choose to start their day with tea instead of coffee. It’s tasty, refreshing, energizing and even comforting. But what you might not realize is that tea is also known to have some pretty amazing health benefits that make it an even more appealing drink.

What are the health benefits of drinking tea? Here’s a look at some of the biggest reasons why you should drink tea for your health.

Tea is loaded with chemical helpers

Tea can help with weight loss because it contains natural plant compounds called catechins, which increase your body’s ability to burn fat and suppress appetite, while preventing food absorption from occurring in your small intestine. Theanine also enhances alpha brain waves that reduce anxiety and stress. These compounds and dozens of others are all prevalent in tea leaves, whether you choose white, green, rooibos or oolong teas.

Tea is high in antioxidants

Speaking of chemical helpers, tea is known for containing high levels of antioxidants. What are antioxidants, you ask? They’re molecules that help fight against free radicals in the body. Free radicals are unstable molecules that can damage cells, leading to inflammation and a number of diseases. The antioxidants found in tea help protect cells from damage, reduce inflammation and fight off viruses and infections. This is why drinking tea is such a great way to keep your body healthy and help prevent disease!

Tea can boost the immune system

Tea can also boost the immune system in a variety of ways. It can help to lower blood pressure and cholesterol, prevent tooth decay and improve oral health, prevent cancer and heart disease and even protect against type 2 diabetes! All those chemical helpers present within tea leaves work together to give your body a fighting chance against whatever it comes up against. Best of all, studies link the immunity benefits of tea to both short- and long-term positive health outcomes.

Tea is great for your skin

One of the biggest reasons drinking tea is such a great idea is because it’s wonderful for your skin. Research has found that tea can help prevent UV damage, which is the leading cause of skin cancer. The antioxidants found in tea have also been shown to reduce wrinkles and other signs of aging, so your face will look younger for a longer time.

Tea is extremely relaxing

Remember theanine, the amino acid found in tea leaves that’s known to reduce anxiety? Well, it also promotes relaxation! When you drink tea, theanine enters your bloodstream and travels to your brain, where it binds to GABA receptors. This increases the activity of GABA, which is known as the “anti-stress” neurotransmitter.

Why not grab a cup of tea?

Tea is a drink that has been around for centuries, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. If you’re looking to improve your overall wellbeing, while also enhancing relaxation, skin complexion, immunity and other aspects of your health and wellness, consider steeping a cup of tea (or two or three) each day! Questions? Armstrong Coffee Service is happy to answer them. Contact us today to talk tea!

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