Suggestions to Spruce Up Your Coffee

Why settle for a plain old cup of joe when there’s so much more? True, sometimes you may simply want a steaming mug of black coffee (with maybe a small splash of milk or creamer). Other times, though, you might want to be a bit more adventurous—and your clients or employees might, too. That’s when you can turn to flavored creamers or flavored syrups for coffee.

So, which is better between creamers and syrups? First of all, you don’t have to choose one or the other. Secondly, each of these coffee enhancers offers some delicious options. Here are a few ways you can spruce up your future coffee selection with flavored creamers or flavored syrups.

Flavored creamers

You can purchase a variety of flavored creamers or create your own with common spices. Try these popular choices the next time you want something different in your cup:

  • Hazelnut: Add four tablespoons of sugar, one teaspoon of hazelnut extract and one teaspoon of vanilla extract to create your hazelnut creamer.
  • Mocha: Mix four tablespoons of brown sugar with two tablespoons of cocoa powder to concoct the perfect mocha blend. Try a dash of syrup on top of the coffee to complete the creation.
  • Chocolate hazelnut: If the regular hazelnut creamer wasn’t sweet enough for you, try the chocolate variety. Use four tablespoons of Nutella or other chocolate hazelnut spread.
  • Vanilla: Four tablespoons of sugar and two teaspoons of vanilla extract deliver a vanilla flavor to your coffee that is unforgettable.
  • Caramel macchiato: Feel like a barista when you create this flavorful blend! Use six tablespoons of brown sugar, one tablespoon of cocoa, ½ teaspoon of vanilla extract and a dash of salt.

Flavored syrups

Flavored syrups are easy to use and come in a full range of flavors. Plus, with quality syrups, you only need a few drops to do the trick. One small splash can create big, bold flavor:

  • Classic caramel: For those who like a little something sweet and are tired of plain sugar, consider some caramel syrup in your cup.
  • Cinnamon dulce: Adding cinnamon spices up any beverage. A few drops of this in your coffee will surely liven up your drink.
  • Lavender: It’s relaxing. It’s delicious. What’s not to love? If you’re experimenting with flavored creamers or flavored syrups for coffee, don’t miss a chance to try lavender syrup.
  • Hazelnut: Toasty and sweet, hazelnut syrup takes your drink to the next level. Once you’ve tried this enhanced version of coffee, you’ll never go back.
  • Peppermint: Whether you’re wanting to spice up your coffee for the holidays or simply want to try something different, peppermint syrup is ideal. This one is best in iced or blended drinks.

Everything you need

Ready to branch out and try flavored creamers or flavored syrups in coffee? Contact your go-to suppliers at Armstrong Coffee Service. Since 2001, we’ve been delivering premium coffee and supplies to satisfied customers. You’ll find top-quality options to take your beverage selection to the next level. Reach us today at 806-669-3872 with any questions or to place your next order.

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