Our Top Tips for Choosing the Best Coffee Service

When you’re trying to find the right coffee service for your business size, you need to know which is best—but “best” isn’t always the same answer for every company. After all, major corporate headquarters will have very different needs than a small bookstore or local CPA’s office. Either way, there are plenty of options to ensure you’ll always have fresh, hot coffee when your employees and guests need it most.

Here’s what to consider when finding the right coffee service for your business size:

  • Budget and company size: The first thing you’ll need to do is figure out how much coffee your company goes through in any given week or month. You can do this by monitoring the coffee consumption for a given period of time, counting employees or going back through receipts to see how often you order coffee, cups and coffee accessories. Be sure to account for whether you seem to run out of coffee faster than you can order it. This will give you an idea of how much coffee you need. From there, you can find a service that meets your needs and budget.
  • Location: The closer the coffee service, the better the service you’ll get. It’s usually smart to choose a coffee service within a 30- to 40-mile radius, at most, rather than on the other side of the state. It will help guarantee consistent deliveries.
  • Variety of options: Consider all the options available, and decide which ones you can’t live without. Do you need the service to deliver tea and other hot beverage options? Do you have a specific type of coffee you want to be served? Some coffee services also offer iced coffee and more elaborate beverages than the standard black coffee and creamer. Choose wisely—it will keep your employees a lot happier and more engaged.
  • Training: If the coffee machines you order require training, make sure your coffee service will provide whatever is necessary to ensure safe operation. Every coffee service should be happy to show you how to use and care for your coffeemaking equipment, whether it takes five minutes or 50.
  • Coffee urns: If you regularly host events such as meetings, consider getting a coffee urn. Coffee urns are great for times when multiple people are drinking coffee all at once. Adding an urn to your coffee equipment order is a great way to avoid scrambling for one the next time you’re prepping for an event.
  • Espresso machines: Finally, consider a coffee service with an espresso machine option. Espresso machines are a great way to allow employees to make elaborate drinks (and keep them on company property, rather than dashing out for their favorite drink every day). It’s an easy and delicious way to make your employees feel valued—and awake!

When trying to decide which coffee service is best, just consider the above factors. Be sure to reach out to Armstrong Coffee Service to find out more about our services and options. We look forward to serving you!

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