Why Honey May Be Your New Sweetener of Choice

These days, when you decide to drink coffee, you have plenty of options to make your beverage just how you like it. From different roasts to flavored creamers to a wide range of sweeteners, you can suit your coffee to your tastes.

Many people are seeking to limit the sugar they consume, so they seek healthier coffee options. If you’re wondering what the best sweetener for coffee is, you should consider giving honey a try. It has a variety of benefits, along with a taste you’ll be pleasantly surprised by.

High-quality calories

Honey does have more calories than sugar. However, just raw numbers of calories aren’t enough to gauge which item is the healthier coffee option. Honey is made of fructose and glucose, both of which are basic sugars the body uses readily and is able to burn more easily than more complex sugars.

Honey is also sweeter than sugar. This means you have to use less of it to get your desired taste. The sugars in honey are processed faster, so they’re less likely to become fat. The bottom line is that honey has more calories, but these calories are incorporated into the body and transformed into energy easily.

Soothing effect

Have you ever had tea with honey to soothe a cold or sore throat? You can do the same thing with coffee with honey. Any hot beverage with honey can ease your cough. Honey provides an effective if temporary fix for a cough or respiratory infection.

Antibacterial properties

Bees deposit hydrogen peroxide into honey as they process flower pollen. Combined with honey’s natural acidic elements, this produces a power food that can kill bacteria. Honey has been used in some societies to speed up the healing of wounds and as a treatment for stomach aches. In fact, honey is an effective way to treat everything from ulcers to burns and inflammation.

Better performance

Honey contains a natural source of carbs, meaning it’s not only the best sweetener for coffee, but also ideal for working muscles to use. Carbohydrates are the main thing your muscles need most. Studies have found that honey can work as well or better than glucose or sugar added into water to boost athletic performance. The next time you’re going to work out, add a teaspoon of honey to your coffee and see how it works for you.


There are plenty of healthier coffee sweetener options out there than sugar. Many of these are artificial sweeteners that are low on calories—and low on taste. On top of that, you have to buy these sweeteners specifically for your coffee. You probably have a jar of honey at home somewhere, so why not give it a try next time you have a cup of coffee? High-quality honey has a taste that many coffee drinkers swear by.

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