Which Coffee Roast Suits You?

Let’s face it: For many of us, the day doesn’t begin until after we’ve had that first cup of coffee. It’s not just a hot beverage that warms your body, but the energy boost from the caffeine can help shake off the morning grogginess.

But coffee is more than just a morning pick-me-up. Coffee is also a personal affirmation of our identity in that everyone has a preference as to how they take it, how they drink it and what coffee roast suits them. It’s a societal utopia in a cup in that everyone’s personal tastes are accepted—no matter how different they may be from your own. It stands to reason, then, that what you put in your office coffee maker in Gray County, TX can have an impact on your day beyond just a temporary boost in energy.

Here are some aspects of different styles of coffee roasts that may help you choose what should go in your office coffee maker.

Dark roast

Dark roasted coffee yields the “boldest” flavor. The coffee beans here are roasted for the longest amount of time—so long, in fact, that many coffee purists say dark roast coffee is a synonym for over-roasted coffee. But the beauty of coffee is that nobody’s preference is wrong. One person’s over-roasted is another person’s perfect cup.

This roast is low in acidity and an ideal choice for anyone struggling with acid reflux issues. You will see many espresso blends roasted this way to enhance their “bold” flavor qualities. Dark roast is also naturally lower in caffeine.

Medium roast

Ahh, the middle ground. Medium roast is the way to go if you’re looking for something that has the bold flavor of dark roast but doesn’t have an overpowering, roasted taste. The beans are roasted to a toasted-brown color, giving a tasty, roasted flavor with some of the inherent tasting notes of the beans still dancing on the palate. This may be a good choice for your office coffee maker in Gray County, TX since it does strike that middle ground that’s suitable for a variety of preferences.

Light roast

The purist coffee drinker (sometimes lovingly referred to as a coffee snob) will tell you that light roast is the best roast. What they probably mean is that light roasted coffee will yield the most variety in flavor, as the natural-tasting notes of the beans come through most prominently with just a light kiss of the roaster—compared to what you get with dark roast. Light roasted coffee is a great choice if you’re looking for subtle, intriguing flavors, but it lacks the bold toastiness of more heavily roasted styles. It also has the most caffeine of the three roasts.

No matter if you like light roast, medium roast or dark roast, when you need the best coffee service in Pampa, TX, contact the team at Armstrong Coffee Service for the best brew with all the accoutrements you need for that perfect cup. We look forward to showing you how we can serve your office!

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