Top Three Reasons to Provide Coffee in the Workplace

Are you someone who needs a fresh cup of coffee to start your day or help you power through a long afternoon at the office? You’re not alone—over 80 percent of office workers rely on coffee to maintain focus and productivity throughout their workday. If you’re an office manager or business owner in Pampa, TX, it’s smart to invest in high-quality office coffee machines.

Here are the top three reasons why you should invest in an office coffee maker at your Gray County, TX business.

It boosts concentration and productivity

It’s no secret that coffee improves concentration. Caffeine works as a mild stimulant, increasing brain activity and aiding with focus. Whether you’re experiencing the effects of the weekend on a Monday or the midweek slump on a Wednesday, it’s helpful to have a little something to push you through. A coffee machine at the office keeps employees alert and focused throughout the day, leading to higher-quality work and improved productivity.

Providing coffee in the workplace also boosts productivity in an interesting way: by keeping employees attentive and engaged during meetings. If you’ve ever held a meeting in the afternoon or late in the day, you’ve probably noticed that employees aren’t exactly on their “A game” as they’re winding down their workday. Studies show that caffeine helps people understand and retain information better—it gives people a little extra brainpower that helps them learn new concepts. If you want your workers to be engaged and actually get something from your meetings, providing an office coffee maker at your Gray County, TX workplace is a real no-brainer.

It provides employees with social interaction

Whether you work at a large or small company, the coffee area or break room is the usual spot for employees to gather and talk to each other. Sitting at a desk all day can be tiring, and it’s not exactly healthy to stay in one place for the entire day. It’s healthy for employees to take frequent breaks throughout the workday, especially if they’re spending the day looking at a computer screen.

Adding a coffee machine to your break room encourages employees to get up, take a break and enjoy some coffee and small talk with their colleagues. Studies show that this improves cohesion in the workplace and creates happier, more fulfilled workers.

It saves your employees’ time

Americans love their coffee—again, more than 80 percent of Americans drink coffee during their workday. If you don’t have a coffee machine in the office, your employees will go off-site to grab a cup. Add a coffee machine to your break room or other common area to keep your employees from straying too far from the office, saving time and helping employees retain their focus.

If you’re a business owner or office manager in Pampa, TX, adding office coffee machines to a break room or other common area is a decision that your employees will appreciate. Contact Armstrong Coffee Service today to provide your employees with great-tasting coffee that helps them power through their day.

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