Four Benefits of Adding a Coffee Machine to Your Office

Coffee is part of the daily routine for over 80 percent of office workers. It’s a delicious way to get a little boost to help you power through a long workday. Whether you’re a business owner or office manager, it’s smart to provide your employees with easy access to this helpful stimulant. Give your employees easy access to coffee in the office by installing a high-quality coffeemaker. Here are the four key benefits to providing coffee in your Pampa, TX office.

Employees can customize their beverages

The office coffee makers of today are efficient and versatile. Many machines provide plenty of customization options so your employees can get the perfect cup for their tastes every time. These machines can also be used for other tasty beverage options, like preparing hot water for tea or hot chocolate. Providing your employees with easy access to their favorite beverages shows that you care and helps boost employee morale.

Coffee boosts productivity

Whether your employees have a case of the “Mondays” or you notice the afternoon grind taking a toll on morale or productivity, providing coffee in the office can make your workplace a more pleasant place to be. It also gives employees a friendly spot to take a break, gather together and socialize, which makes for happier workers. Since happiness is directly linked to productivity, it’s clear that providing an in-house coffee maker is a smart move. Not only will your employees be more productive at their desks, but they’ll also be more engaged and attentive during company meetings and other interactions.

On-site coffee makers keep employees on campus

One of the main benefits of having coffee in your Pampa, TX office is that your employees won’t have to go off-site to grab their favorite beverage. If you’re not providing coffee in the office, your employees won’t hesitate to leave your facility to go get it. Whether they leave in the morning, at lunchtime or late in the afternoon, it’s an inefficient use of time and can impact employee productivity and output. Add a coffee machine to your office to prevent any distractions from interrupting your employees’ workday.

Coffee provides employees with “microbreaks”

Sitting at a desk for the entire day isn’t good for productivity, and it isn’t good for the health of office workers. When you provide coffee in your Pampa, TX office, you give employees the opportunity to take microbreaks throughout the day. As employees get up and grab a cup to get them through the morning or afternoon, it’s an opportunity to stretch and recharge. Studies show that these small breaks during the day increase productivity and improve employee morale.

Providing coffee in your Pampa, TX office is a smart move—it’s a simple way to show employees that you care about their wellbeing, and about making their workdays easier, more pleasant and more productive. Reach out to Armstrong Coffee Service today to discover how easy and economical it can be to add this special feature to your office space.

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