Everything You Need to Know About Office Coffee Service

Hiring an in-office coffee service provider in Pampa, TX is a great way to save the time that is wasted when employees make coffee runs while also making sure your employees feel valued and appreciated. Most workers drink coffee—some enjoy up to four cups a day. Providing good quality coffee is a must for creating a good working environment. But before you take the leap, here are some things to think about while looking for your new office coffee service.

Know what you’re looking for

The first thing you need to determine when looking for office coffee services is exactly what your employees want. If you have an office full of tea drinkers, you should know that before buying enough coffee for an army from a provider that does not also sell tea. Are you committed to supporting local businesses by only purchasing from local roasters? Are you conscientious about only consuming fair-trade coffee, or is cost the most important concern? Knowing what you’re looking for will help you find the right office coffee service faster in Pampa, TX.

Get the right office coffee service provider

Office coffee services are important for creating the right environment in your office. Be sure to know who you’re working with before committing to a coffee service that doesn’t operate in a way that works for you. Armstrong Coffee Service has more than three decades of experience helping local companies in Pampa, TX, from banks to stores and offices, create welcoming and hospitable environments for staff and customers. Look up reviews and get references for whomever you’re considering hiring to provide your coffee before making a decision.

Don’t waste money on machines

Commercial-grade coffee equipment is not cheap, but getting good gear can make or break the coffee you provide to your office. Good beans in a bad machine make bad coffee. You may think buying your own will give you more control over quality and cost, but the expense isn’t usually worth it. These machines are very expensive—you don’t want to be stuck repairing or replacing them if they break down.

Some office coffee services rent equipment to offices for steep fees. It’s nice to have maintenance provided, but it’s even better to find an office coffee provider that doesn’t charge rental fees. Armstrong Coffee Service in Pampa, TX provides office coffee machines for free, so you don’t have to worry about spending extra on equipment.

Learn how to properly use your machines

Always follow proper brewing directions to avoid a mess and make the best possible coffee for your office. You should also be sure to always use filtered water to prevent hard water buildup from damaging your coffee maker and affecting your product. A good office coffee service will help you get acquainted with any new equipment so you can avoid mishaps during brewing.

Hire a coffee service for your office today

If you are interested in hiring an office coffee service in Pampa, TX, contact Armstrong Coffee Service today. Customers look to us for a wide range of premium coffee brands, along with tea, cider, hot chocolate and more. As a bonus, we provide free office coffee machines so you don’t have to worry about spending additional funds on equipment and supplies. Get in touch to learn more!

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