Does Coffee Increase Productivity?

A significant majority of Americans consume caffeine every day, whether it’s in a cup of morning coffee or tea, or in soda. Many companies invest time and money in finding the best office coffee machines in Pampa, TX to provide their employees and customers with their much-needed cups of joe. But does drinking coffee actually increase productivity? Here are some things to think about if you’re considering investing in office coffee machines.

The science behind coffee increasing productivity

When you drink coffee, you introduce caffeine into your system. When caffeine molecules enter your liver, enzymes in your liver cut off three methyl groups from the caffeine to form three more small molecules, called theobromine, paraxanthine and theophylline. Those molecules work together with caffeine to heighten brain activity and boost your focus.

What are the effects of drinking coffee?

There’s a reason so many companies provide office coffee machines for their employees—and also a reason so many people say, “Don’t talk to me before I’ve had my coffee.” Anyone who feels like a zombie before sipping on their morning cup can explain how caffeine affects their productivity. Some specific effects include increased alertness and sociability. Drinking coffee when you learn something new can even increase the chance that you will remember it. It’s no wonder that so many companies want office coffee machines on hand for their workers!

The social element

Drinking coffee isn’t just about consuming caffeine, however. Coffee drinkers wouldn’t just pop a caffeine pill every morning and feel satisfied. For one thing, coffee is delicious. The act of drinking a well-made cup of coffee can bring a lot of pleasure to your daily life, both because it tastes good and because the entire routine of coffee making is enjoyable. The ritual of loading a machine with a filter and beans and smelling the pot begin to brew is very satisfying. Providing office coffee machines in your Pampa, TX business gives your employees and customers a chance to take a moment out of their day and luxuriate in the simple pleasure of a cup of coffee.

Invest in office coffee machines

If you manage an office, bank or store in Pampa, TX, you should consider investing in an office coffee machine. Partnering with Armstrong Coffee Service to provide coffee to your employees is a worthy investment, and not just because of the great beverages or the top-tier brewing equipment. It’s about investing in a simple way to make your workers, visitors and patrons happy. Whether it’s a cup of strong coffee to perk them up and increase productivity or a calming tea to help them focus, the right beverage goes a long way in making your workplace an enjoyable one.

Armstrong Coffee Service has more than three decades of experience helping Pampa, TX offices, banks and stores create welcoming environments for their staff by providing a wide range of premium coffee brands, along with tea, cider, hot chocolate and more. As a bonus, we provide free office coffee machines so you don’t have to worry about spending additional funds on equipment and supplies. Contact Armstrong Coffee Service today to learn more about how we can serve you!

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