Benefits of Coffee to Your Skin

Coffee is America’s favorite way to fuel up in the morning. People drink it for the caffeine, but coffee and skin combine together for additional health effects that might surprise you. Remember the following benefits of coffee to your skin next time you swing by a Pampa, TX coffee shop.

Calm inflammation

The caffeine in coffee grounds, when applied topically, has been proven to calm redness and inflammation. Caffeine dilates blood vessels for improved blood circulation, which evens out skin tones and partially eliminates the appearance of irritated skin. The best way to treat these symptoms is with a homemade face mask that’s equal parts coffee grounds and olive oil.

People quickly began praising the benefits of coffee to your skin when they realized it gets rid of puffy under-eye bags. No one likes walking into work with a face that lets everyone know just how little sleep they got the previous night. If you frequently suffer from a poor night’s rest, gently dab a mixture of coffee grounds and olive oil under your eyes and wipe away after a few minutes. It may take a few weeks to see results.

Reduce cellulite

You can apply a coffee-based mixture to other parts of the body as well. The dilating properties of caffeine are also known to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Besides their caffeine content, coffee grounds benefit people with cellulite because the exfoliating texture gently brushes away dead skin cells for a bright, smooth finish. Massage the homemade remedy in a circular motion to stimulate blood flow.

Rewind aging skin

Coffee effectively treats both immediate sun damage and signs of prolonged exposure to UV rays. Even if you slather on the sunscreen, a whole day spent in the Pampa, TX heat can leave you with a burn. Brew a cup of coffee, let it cool and then dilute with water. Dip a clean cloth in the coffee and gently pat the sunburn to alleviate painful swelling. Dermatologists recommend repeating this treatment several times a day in order for it to take effect.

Coffee and skin go well together thanks to the beverage’s anti-aging properties. Unlike with cellulite and inflammation, simply drinking coffee can reduce the appearance of sun spots and wrinkles. People who spend a lot of time outdoors will enjoy the benefits of coffee to their skin because roasted beans contain vitamin B3, which lowers the risk of skin cancer.

Clear acne breakouts

The beauty industry has started advertising products made with caffeine because coffee on the skin helps clear stubborn acne. Coffee grounds contain chlorogenic acid that destroys acne-causing bacteria and calms redness. However, you don’t have to buy the expensive skincare products at Pampa, TX retail stores. Simply pick up a canister of coffee grounds and concoct your own acne solution!

A cup of joe does more than help you power through the daily grind. This household staple is packed with healing properties that will fortify your body from the inside out. Get your daily dose of coffee in the office with help from Armstrong Coffee Service in Pampa, TX. We offer the most popular brands of coffee that are not only good for your health but praised for their superior taste. Reach out to learn how we can bring high-quality coffee to your business!

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