Things to Consider When Deciding Which Office Coffee Service Is Right for Your Company

Hiring an office coffee service for your workplace seems like a no-brainer—it’s the easiest way to keep your employees happy, caffeinated and productive, with relatively low expense and effort required on your part. But how do you know which are the best office coffee suppliers in Pampa, TX, and which to avoid? Read on for our tips on picking a great coffee service:

  • Determine your priorities: The first thing you’ll need to do is figure out which parts of the coffee service are most important, and which you can get by without if you have to. Some offices only want beverage supplies and ingredients delivered, while others want the equipment as well. You should also start monitoring coffee usage in the office so you know how often you’ll need to reorder supplies.
  • Check the equipment: After you’ve figured out what you want from a coffee service, make sure they offer the equipment you need. For example, a basic drip coffee maker is only going to produce drip coffee, whereas an espresso machine can open up a whole new world of possibilities. However, if your coffee service doesn’t have that type of equipment, it might not be worth it to work with them.
  • Ask about other drinks and supplies: In addition to coffee, you’ll need filters, cups, napkins, stirrers, cream, sugar and other supplies. Does this service offer them, or do you have to provide them yourself? If you’re hiring a service for convenience, make sure they’re prepared to provide everything you need. Some services even offer breakfast pastries and other snacks to fuel a great workday.
  • Look at the contract: Next, look at a sample contract to see what you can expect. How often will you be billed? Can you change your deliveries or adjust your plan? How much is the cost, are there penalties for canceling and what is the term length? Knowing these factors can make the difference between being locked into an unfavorable supplier relationship versus working with a company that focuses on making customers happy.
  • Ask about their insurance: Every office coffee supplier should have general liability insurance, in case something goes wrong with the equipment or supplies. If they don’t have an insurance policy, don’t work with them—you’ll need recourse in the event of accident, injury or malfunction.
  • Find out which services other offices love: Finally, word of mouth is a powerful referral tool. If you have friends who work in or operate other offices, ask them what kind of coffee service they use and whether they’re happy. Chances are, someone will have a great recommendation for a coffee service that meets your needs—and if nothing else, you’ll at least come up with a list of companies to avoid.

Offering a workplace coffee machine and all the necessary supplies is easy when you work with the best office coffee suppliers in Pampa, TX. Call Armstrong Coffee Service today to learn more about our supplies, equipment and contracts. We look forward to helping your office stay happy and productive!

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