Are There Different Blends of Coffee for Different Times of Day?

That boost of caffeine from a morning cup of joe is often one of the best ways to start the day. But did you know that the type of coffee you start the day with isn’t the same as what you should drink as an after-lunch treat? It’s true!

Coffee aficionados recommend different types of coffee for different times of the day. This post will cover what types of coffee are best for certain times of day in Pampa, TX:

  • Cappuccino: The Italians, who invented the cappuccino, traditionally only drink cappuccinos in the morning. Cappuccinos are made from a shot of espresso and frothed milk. That extra lactose and fat content is supposed to give the drinker an extra boost of energy to get through the morning.
  • Latte: Similar to a cappuccino, a latte is made of espresso and milk. However, the milk in a latte is steamed instead of frothed. Since lattes are the milkiest form of coffee, they’re traditionally morning beverages.
  • Espresso: Unlike the two forms of coffee mentioned above, espresso contains no milk. It’s simply a strong black coffee served in a tiny cup. Espresso is traditionally served after lunch or dinner, as the coffee is supposed to get rid of any drowsy feelings that may come as a result of overeating.
  • Mocha: Early in the morning or with a mid-morning snack, you might want to consider making a mocha. This form of coffee is made from a shot of espresso, hot milk and cocoa to provide a chocolate flavor. A mocha may also have whipped cream on top, making it a perfect treat!
  • Americano: When it comes to the right blends of coffee for different times of the day in Pampa, TX, it’s tough to beat an Americano. This beverage is made of a single or double shot of espresso and some extra hot water. Since it contains no milk and is slightly watered down, it’s great for any time of day.

Why invest in quality coffee for the office?

You know what types of coffee are best for certain times of day in Pampa, TX, but now it’s time to act and buy those types of coffee for the office! These are a few of the reasons to sign up to have us deliver beverages right to your breakroom:

  • Happier employees: Coming into work each morning can be a drag. Give your employees something to look forward to by supplying them with fresh, high-end coffee! With top-of-the-line coffee on tap at all times, morale around the office is sure to improve.
  • More comfortable clients: If you often bring clients into the office, ensure they feel right at home by supplying them with fresh cups of gourmet coffee. Although we can’t guarantee your client meetings will go as well as planned, serving high-end coffee certainly can’t hurt.

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