Employees Stay for the Coffee!

How do you keep your employees happy—beyond paying them well and offering great benefits, at least—in today’s world? Having great office coffee doesn’t hurt, and can actually boost morale and productivity in Pampa, TX.

Think about it: coffee is a low-cost, affordable solution that can keep people working past the 2 p.m. slump. It also shows your employees that you care about their needs, and saves them from dropping $5 per cup (or more) at a coffee chain, which is something they’ll appreciate. Can you afford not to have a great coffee service?

Here are the benefits of having a coffee service in your office, and how you can boost morale even for non-coffee drinkers:

  • Makes employees feel valued: If you care about your employees, you want to make sure they can see it, both in their wages and in the on-site perks you offer. When employees feel like they’re making a contribution to your business, they’ll go the extra mile—and that goes double when they feel like you value the work they do. Having a reliable coffee supply on hand shows your workers that you’re interested in meeting their needs.
  • Improves productivity: Many of us drink coffee for that energy boost, whether we need it the minute we walk in or later on in the work day. Having a coffee machine in your office actually improves productivity, because your employees will know that their much-needed jolt is only a few steps away—and they’ll get more done as a result. Everyone wins.
  • Keeps employees on-site: If you don’t have a decent coffee machine in your office, your employees are going to take time to seek out the good stuff—which means leaving work. Instead of making them dash a block away for coffee, invest in a coffee service and make it convenient to get a cup of joe in the kitchen. That will cut down on the 15 to 30 minutes it takes for someone to take down everyone’s orders and go to a coffee shop and back.
  • Improves employee communication: Finally, having a good coffee service in your office can actually improve camaraderie. We all know the importance of taking breaks from time to time, and grabbing a cup of freshly-brewed coffee is a great excuse to step away from the desk. Even better, when your employees do so at the same time, it gives them an opportunity to chat about their projects, their goals and their personal lives, which is invaluable when it comes to team building.

Do you have employees who don’t drink coffee? That’s not a problem, either—at least, not when you work with Armstrong Coffee Service. We offer a full array of hot beverages, including cider, tea and hot cocoa. You’ll be everyone’s favorite boss when you offer a variety of healthy, delicious beverages free to your employees.

When you’re ready to improve office morale and offer great coffee to your employees who love having coffee at work in Pampa, TX, get in touch with Armstrong Coffee Service right away.

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