The Most Surprising Facts About Coffee

In the United States, coffee is one of the most popular beverages for countless people. In fact, more than 50 percent of United States citizens start their day with a cup of joe. That’s more than 150 million people who rely on coffee to get their morning going. Still another 30 million people opt for artisan beverages like mocha or espresso.

Of course, coffee is so much more than just a delicious dark beverage. There’s so much about coffee you likely don’t know. Here are some surprising facts on coffee in Pampa, TX that might make you rethink the drink.

Modern coffee is made from seeds

If left to grow to maturity, a coffee plant forms cherry-like berries. When coffee was initially discovered, it was these berries that drinkers focused on. Modern coffee, however, isn’t harvested from berries, but made from the seeds of the coffee plant. We just call them “beans” because that’s what they look like.

There are two types of coffee bean

The most popular type of coffee is known as Arabica, but some connoisseurs gravitate toward Robusta coffee. Robusta is more bitter than Arabica, but it also contains more caffeine.

The United States invented its own coffee

Though coffee is only grown in two states (California and Hawaii), the country is still known to have unleashed one of the most popular types of coffee in the world. Known as Kona, this unique blend of coffee is grown in the Hawaiian Islands, where the weather is perfect for cultivating coffee beans.

One type of coffee costs up to $600 a pound

Here’s perhaps the most shocking of these coffee fun facts in Pampa, TX. It may turn your stomach when you find out how the world’s most expensive coffee is made. The Asian palm civet is a small cat-like creature that feeds on coffee cherries. The palm civet’s stomach acid, however, isn’t strong enough to dissolve the beans. When the palm civet expels the beans, they’re cultivated and sold.

It’s possible to overdose

When you drink coffee, it increases your heart rate ever so slightly. If you drink too much, it can stress your heart and cause severe complications and even lead to death. Not to worry, though—you’d have to drink about 30 strong cups of coffee in a short amount of time to overdose.

Coffee drinkers may live longer

Research suggests that people who consume about three cups of coffee each day tend to live longer than those who don’t. Regular coffee consumption also reduces the risk of several chronic diseases like diabetes, Parkinson’s and various types of cardiovascular issues.

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