Everything You Need to Know About Brewing Coffee

A great cup of coffee isn’t just a caffeinated beverage—it can be a ritual, a break in your routine and a way to ease into the day (or back into the afternoon), all in one cup. The way you make your coffee is more about your personal taste and needs than anything else, but there are a few universal tips that can improve how you brew coffee in Pampa, TX.

Start with good, clean equipment

It doesn’t take fancy equipment to brew great coffee (although it doesn’t hurt, either)—after all, a Chemex pour-over carafe is one of the most popular brewing devices out there. What’s most important is that you keep your equipment, including reusable filters, as clean as possible between each use. Even your grinder should be wiped down regularly. The goal is to remove as much of the oil as possible so you can avoid bitter or rancid flavors.

Use high-quality beans

The better your beans, the better the brew. While flavors are a matter of personal taste, always opt for the best beans you can afford. In turn, their flavor will be affected by their freshness as well as the grind—try to use coffee as quickly as is feasible, and only grind it right before you’re ready to use it.

The grind can bring out subtle notes in your coffee, but it can also make it taste too bitter or too flavorless. Opt for a medium-fine grind, depending on the supplier’s and your equipment’s recommendation. If it’s too bitter, the grinds were too fine, and if it’s too flavorless, your grind was too coarse.

Brewing your coffee

After you’ve determined your ideal grind for your coffee and brewing equipment, it’s time to brew it. Here are our best tips for how to brew coffee in Pampa, TX:

  • Water: Water has a huge impact on the flavor of your coffee. If you have funky-tasting or chlorinated tap water, use filtered water to get the best results. There’s no sense in spending the money on good beans only to ruin the flavor with impure water.
  • Coffee-to-water ratio: Generally, you should use one or two tablespoons of ground coffee per six ounces of water, but look to your brewing equipment and the bean package to see if they recommend something different.
  • Temperature: Your hot water should range from 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal flavor, and be served at around 185 degrees. Coffee cools quickly and doesn’t taste quite as good reheated—only brew what you can drink right away.
  • Brewing time: Finally, your brewing time will depend on the system and type of coffee, and can range from 30 seconds to five minutes—check your equipment instructions for more information.

Now that you know how to brew a great cup of coffee in Pampa, TX, how about sharing the wealth with your office or business? Armstrong Coffee Service has been providing top of the line brewing equipment, hot beverages and supplies to our customers for over 30 years. Make your staff and customers happy by offering them high-quality coffee and other beverages—they’ll never know we did the work. Call us today to get started.

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