Take Your Love of Coffee to the Next Level: Become a Coffee Connoisseur

We know you love coffee—but how much do you love the bitter brew? For those of us who can’t live without our cup of morning (or afternoon, or post-dinner) joe, you might be wondering how to express your love short of putting a ring on it. Well, you could take that love to the next level by becoming a coffee connoisseur—and maybe the next step after that will be ditching your job to become a competitive barista.

Ready to learn more about coffee and how to enjoy it? Here are our best tips for becoming a coffee expert in Pampa, TX:

  • Oh, that smell: The first thing that you should notice about a cup of coffee is the aroma. For some of us, it’s synonymous with becoming human in the morning, but there’s more to it than that. Notice the ashiness of the scent, which can indicate whether it’s a mild, medium or dark roast, then start picking out other notes. Does it smell floral or fruity? Those are smoother, milder flavors, whereas if it smells like wine, it may be more acidic.
  • Evaluate the body: “Body,” when it comes to coffee, is how the coffee feels in your mouth. It sounds weird, but when you swish the coffee around in your mouth, how does it feel? If it feels incredibly distinct, that is due to more essential coffee oils being left behind in the drink (usually a darker roast).
  • Evaluate the taste: Obviously, a major component of enjoying coffee is, well, the taste—but now that you’re on your way to being a coffee connoisseur, you should consider whether it contains any other flavors besides “bitter.” (Most quality coffee does.) “Good” is subjective, but just like in wine tasting, evaluating flavors will become easier and you’ll be able to pick out different notes.
  • A strong finish: How does the flavor of the coffee linger afterwards? What kind of tasting notes do you pick out? For many, this is the most difficult part of coffee tasting, since it’s so highly influenced by flavor and aroma. You might want to consider whether the aftertaste is heavy, bitter, sweet or lingers an extra-long time.

The biggest benefit of becoming a coffee connoisseur is that you’ll have a better idea—and vocabulary—to describe what you want in your next brew.

Become a coffee connoisseur in Pampa, TX

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