See What Options You Have to Make Your Office Coffee Greener

Sustainability is all the rage these days, and for good reason. Not only is it important for everyone to care about the impact they have on the environment, but businesses can also save quite a bit of money by going green in as many areas as they can, from installing more energy-efficient lighting and HVAC to using green office supplies in Pampa, TX.

Offices around the nation go through a whole lot of coffee every single day. Consider how much waste that results in—think of all the filters, coffee cups, sugar and cream packets and more that are getting used and then disposed of on an everyday basis. There are plenty of opportunities for you to go green with your coffee as well as with your office supplies and equipment.

With this in mind, here are some habits you can put into practice to make your office’s coffee habits less destructive to the environment:

  • Always buy local: If you purchase local coffee, you can do your part to help cut down on carbon emissions, because the coffee didn’t have to be shipped from as far away to arrive at your office. You can also be much more confident in the ethical standards and environmental practices used to harvest and create that coffee when you purchase from local businesses. Plus, locally sourced coffee is almost always better than the big brand-name stuff anyway, so you’d be doing your employees a favor as well as Mother Nature!
  • Compost: Rather than tossing leftover coffee grounds and teabags in the garbage, consider composting and reusing those leftovers. Otherwise, it’ll just end up in the landfills, where it’s of no use to anybody.
  • Push for employees to use reusable mugs: Encourage all of your employees to bring in their own mugs or thermoses to use for their coffee, rather than Styrofoam or paper cups. This will drastically reduce the amount of waste created by standard coffee cups in a given office. You might even consider distributing mugs or thermoses with your company logo on it to all of your employees as a gift.
  • Coffee pods: Consider using coffee pods, which are much easier to recycle (and therefore more sustainable) than K-Cups. Coffee pods are made with the beverage sealed in filter paper, rather than inside a cartridge.
  • Cut down on plastic: This is a step you can take even outside of your coffee-drinking habits, but it is a good idea to eliminate plastic from your office (and your life) as much as possible. This means cutting down on the use of plastic bottles, plastic straws, plastic coffee stirrers and other single-use plastics. There are plenty of sustainable alternatives you’ll be able to find, so you don’t have to worry about inconveniencing anyone in your office.

These are just a few examples of some of the best ways to go green with your coffee. For more info about green office coffee in Pampa, TX, or to learn about our variety of coffee options, contact the team at Armstrong Coffee Service today.

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