Choosing the Best Coffee Brew for Your Breakroom

Any coffee service in Pampa TX will tell you that not all coffee is created equally. Depending on your employees’ preferences and the demand for coffee in your office, some brews will work better for your breakroom. However, the sheer number of options makes choices difficult and time consuming. Here are six types of coffee brews and their advantages:

  • Cold brew: On hot Texas days, warm coffee may be the least appealing option out there. However, your employees still desire their morning caffeine fix. Cold brew is coffee that has never been heated, which makes it different from traditional iced coffee, which is heated first and then put on ice. Rather than extracting flavor through heat, it is extracted by steeping at room temperature. This makes it less acidic than iced coffee.
  • Nitro brew: This is cold brew with one extra step. Once steeped at room temperatures, coffee is poured into a keg and infused with nitrogen gas. Then it is served on draft, very similar to beer. This gives the coffee a unique flavor and a smoother, richer taste. Nitro brew coffee also develops a foamy top.
  • Iced coffee: As explained above, iced coffee is traditionally made with hot water and then poured over ice. It is brewed stronger than regular hot coffee so it is not watered-down by the ice. If your office loves the cold versions of coffee, this is the least expensive and time-intensive option. Basically, it is just a matter of setting up traditional coffee equipment and then providing ice to your employees.
  • Roast and ground: This is the most popular and most common option for coffee. Just like your coffee maker at home, coffee is ground from fresh beans and brewed in a filter to create hot coffee. It is often a favorite because it is easy to prepare, but still contains the flavor of fresh roasted coffee beans. Also, with a steady supply of freshly ground coffee, it expands options to espresso and stronger varieties that may be preferred in an office full of coffee connoisseurs.
  • Instant: The modern version of instant coffee is much improved from the previous dehydrated options that often tasted burnt. Often associated with pods, the new instant coffee uses fresh coffee and runs hot water over it to make an instant single cup. This is often a good idea for an office where there is a variety of coffee tastes—some may prefer it strong, while others like flavored coffee. While this may not be the best option if you frequently host large meetings, it works well as coffee-on-demand and in any office where you need fast brewing.
  • Cafitesse: This newer option uses coffee extracts to create tasteful aromas and unique flavors. Different extracts create plain black coffee, while others are more elaborate, including pumpkin spice lattes and cappuccinos. The machines are fast, fancy and easy to clean, but they are also one of the more expensive options. Nevertheless, they may be worth the price tag if you seek to impress.

Armstrong Coffee Service in Pampa, TX offers office coffee equipment and coffee service for the busiest offices. Contact us today to see how we can help you supply the best coffee to your employees.

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