How to Choose an Office Coffee Machine

Office coffee boosts morale and keeps your workplace humming. However, not all workplace coffee machines in Pampa, TX are treated equal. It is not just a matter of grabbing a machine off the shelf, but considering the demands of your workplace and the preferences of your workers. Here are five factors to consider when choosing an office coffee machine or service:

  • Demand: Critically consider the size of your office and how much coffee is consumed in one day. An office with three active coffee drinkers does not require the same machine as one with 20 coffee drinkers and a continuous flow of visitors. On average, many working adults drink four cups of coffee per day, so with an office of 10, you are looking at around 40 cups a day—and that’s not including your clients and guests.
  • Brewing type: Your employees may prefer fresh brewed coffee, or they could be perfectly happy with instant. Also, some people enjoy particularly strong coffee, so an espresso option from your office coffee machine might be a welcome feature. Coffee can be as complex or basic as demanded. If you have office workers who are continuously taking breaks to go to coffee shops, it is likely that they prefer fresh brewed and high quality. Make the investment to keep them happy and help them save money.
  • Maintenance: If it is a war to ensure employees keep the break room clean and remove old food from the refrigerator, a coffee maker that requires cleaning every day will not be a good choice. Espresso machines require extensive cleaning, unlike a machine that brews through filters. Many models of machines take mere seconds to clean, and those are good choices if you have many coffee drinkers who may not follow through with cleaning and maintenance.
  • Brewing time: Offices with regular meetings and frequent guests require machines that brew faster. If your office is fairly isolated and you have one person who starts the coffee early in the morning so it is ready when everyone else arrives, then brewing time is not as essential. Instant coffee machines are an excellent option if the continuous flow of guests and different coffee tastes make brewing large pots impossible. However, if there is a meeting of 60 people that occurs every Friday, you likely need a machine capable of brewing high quantities quickly.
  • Budget: Once you know your office’s needs, you can make better decisions concerning money. If demand for coffee is low or below the usual average, you can likely spend less on both machines and coffee service. With higher demand, you will likely save money by spending more, because it will reduce visits needed to replenish supplies. Rather than looking at overall price, consider the price per cup. It will give you a better idea of the value of the coffee and the services associated with it.

Consider hiring a coffee service to keep that office coffee in Pampa, TX flowing! Armstrong Coffee Service provides office coffee machines and supplies so workers enjoy a steady supply of coffee. Contact us today to find the equipment and plan that works best for you.

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