How Can Offering Multiple Coffee Flavors in the Office Make Your Workplace Happier?

American coffee consumption is on the rise, and at this time, the predominance of Starbucks and other purveyors of special blends and flavored coffee drinks means that a regular pot of joe won’t work for everyone. Some people who never took to straight coffee have fallen head over heels for Starbucks’ vast menu. The proliferation of K-cups has also made it easier to be selective about what kind of coffee you’re drinking. It’s a luxury—but an affordable one. When your office supplies a variety of coffee flavors in Pampa, TX, you have happier and more productive workers (the caffeine may have something to do with it, we admit).

Flavor Variety and Drink Options

If you’re just drinking coffee for the caffeine (no judgment!), you might have missed the memo: there’s a breadth of flavors, roasts and preparations that turn coffee from a necessity into a sensory experience. Coffee experts have conducted in-depth analysis to discuss the major types of roasts and natural flavors, similar to what you’d see in wine tasting. The tasting notes can include anything from natural caramel flavors to floral or vegetal hints.

Of course, you can drown even the worst coffee in loads of cream or flavored syrup, but that adds calories and sugar while not being particularly satisfying. When you have a quality variety of options for your employees, you’re communicating that their experience is important to you, too.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Maybe you have a smaller business and can get away with supplying a few different kinds of K-cups—but when you’re working with a bigger team, hiring an office coffee service is the key to keeping your employees happy, in the office and productive. In some companies, coffee is an integral part of company culture. Having only one kind of coffee just won’t do.

Coffee services don’t have to be expensive, even though they may quickly become your office’s favorite people to see. At Armstrong Coffee Service, we’re happy to work with your budget, order minimums and personal tastes to create a system that works for you. We also supply bottled water, hot tea, hot chocolate and hot cider for a truly inclusive beverage array. (It seems unimaginable, but there are those who don’t have a need for the bean!)

You can also count on us to provide top-quality brewing machines, as well as water filtration systems that clean your water to provide better flavor with less waste. Armstrong Coffee Service is happy to install, maintain and repair your beverage system, and our dedication to customer service means you’ll never have to go without your favorite brew.

When you need an office coffee service in Pampa, TX, reach out to Armstrong Coffee Service. We prioritize quality beverages and friendly customer service. With over 30 years’ experience in beverage supply, we are experts at finding the right brewing systems and beverages to meet your company’s unique needs. Mention this website when you contact us to receive 40 percent off your first order—we look forward to working with you soon!

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